Powerful Financial Intelligence at Your Fingertips with Fathom

We optimize your Fathom environment so that you can make better, faster decisions

What We Do

1. Ensure your settings are correct
2. Develop and refine targets and KPIs
3. Determine the best elements of the platform for your business
4. Create meaningful and elegant reports on a scheduled basis
5. Optional: Facilitate monthly financial meetings to add insight, clarity, and accountability

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Meet Insightful Partners

Insightful Partners are fellow business owners who understand and have experienced the challenges and roadblocks of leading an organization. We are a disruptive and driven team of accounting, finance, and technology experts who can ensure you get real-time updates on your business’s finances. We value our relationships; we are here to help guide you as your company grows through each milepost.

What is Fathom?

Track business performance at a glance with comprehensive financial intelligence, performance reporting, dashboards, and consolidations.

Why Work With Insightful?

We’ll Take Care of All The Dirty Work

When you partner with Insightful, you’ll gain all the benefits of Fathom without having to lift a finger. We would never leave you with a program you don’t know how to navigate, which is why we will also train you and your team on how to take full advantage of Fathom and all of its amenities. By the time your Fathom account is set up and ready to run, we’ll have you trained to be experts, and navigating your finances will feel like a breeze.


We identify your needs and customize a package of services at a fixed price. Typical pricing ranges from:



NReview of Fathom Setup





NReview of Fathom Setup

NDevelopment of KPIs and Targets




NReview of Fathom Setup

NDevelopment of KPIs and Targets

N Creation of Customized Reports

*For companies just getting started with Fathom, or need a little help making it more useful, pricing is per project

*For companies seeking financial reporting expertise to complement their own executive and accounting teams, we offer guided insight on a regular basis, using the Fathom platform and methodology. Pricing is per month

Review of Fathom Setup

$500 –


Development of KPIs and Targets

$1,500 –


Creation of Reports

$750 –


Monthly Financial Meetings

$1,250 –


Maximize Your Profit Potential by Gaining Clarity on Your Business’s Most Important Success Factors and Communicating Them With Your Team.


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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm