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Filling In the Gaps with Data

Not all of us are accountants – but we all still need to piece together the numbers puzzle. Options include engaging an external accountant/CPA or hiring a CFO; many business owners and their management teams rely on others to interpret their financial results. But those options come with difficult obstacles.

With the first, you usually don’t get very much insight on your financial data; accountants piece together your financials, throw them in an income statement or balance sheet, and leave you to figure out what’s missing or going wrong. With the latter, you’ve got a big salary to pay – and you still might not get the insight you need.

And then there’s your third option: Insightful. You get your very own consultant who takes your financial data, inputs it into easy-to-understand dashboards, and gives you a complete, detailed rundown of your performance, pitfalls, and successes so you can plan to execute your strategy and achieve your goals.



Your own company, your own dashboard, your own personalized consulting.



All of your relevant financial, operational, and marketing data gathered into one place.


We take the noise out of your data by identifying key areas of focus.


Accountants only look at the past – we take the past and the present and prepare you for the future.


We meet with you every month to track your progress and point you in the right direction.


We work alongside you to provide reports that are accurate and secure.


It all starts with a plan. Which, of course, we’ll work directly with you to map out. We begin our engagement with a thorough review of your company’s past and present operations and practices, discuss your desired future outcomes, and develop the right key performance indicators to ensure you progress towards your goals.


After setting you up and getting you started, we’ll meet with you monthly to track your progress. Together we’ll review your sales, gross profit, expenses, net income, cash, additional revenue sources, and other targeted areas of focus. We’ll walk you through what worked well, what didn’t work, and what adjustments are needed going forward.


From there, we move back to further strategizing. After reviewing your progress, we’ll highlight the areas of significant importance and discuss needed changes for your business, leaving you with outlined goals for the next month. We take all the unnecessary noise out of the picture to give you just the signals you need to keep working on.

An Everything Approach

Internal and External

We look at the key drivers of value for your business as well as any outside risk factors.

Near and Far

We’ll help you work on your short-term goals while preparing you for the long-haul.

Backwards and Forwards

Using past trends to see around the corner towards the future.

Micro and Macro

Every big picture has small details – we look at both.

Turn 5 Hours into 45 Minutes

With simplified, centralized dashboards, you no longer have to sit through hours of meetings with accountants and other advisors to map out your progress. Your dashboard and reports are customized and highlighted for key areas of high and low performance to direct your attention only to what’s necessary – so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

Go Eco-Friendly

Did we mention it’s all paperless? Help save the environment while saving your filing cabinets.

Insightful Partners

Make Your Meeting More Effective

Don’t let your accounting department hold you hostage. Let us help you find meaning in the chaos. Once a month is all it takes!

 Case Studies

We might be focused on the future, but we still recognize the past. Check out some of our latest success stories.

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