Our Insightful Services

Our Insightful Services

Insightful’s Approach

Improve Your Financial Performance

With our focused dashboard and reports, we help you make quicker, more informed decisions and create a plan for your near and long-term success.

Streamline Systems

Our goal is simplicity. We integrate your financial and operational data and create a single source-of-truth to remove confusion and inefficiencies.

Your Data Partners

Insightful Partners are your data experts, and we’ll make sure you understand your results; we use concise, custom visualizations to tell the story. We hold monthly accountability meetings to ensure your entire team is prepared when making decisions that impact your business. 

Fractional Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

We are a targeted standalone service that focuses exclusively on the analysis and presentation of your results. (We also complement internal and fractional CFO roles.) No boring reports, only useful insights!


Give us 30 minutes a month and we’ll help you visualize your data to better understand your numbers. We provide a platform to help you visualize the 15 fundamental metrics that give you a scorecard of your business’s health that is better and more insightful than traditional printed reports.



Operating Margin

Return on Assets

Gross Margin

Net Margin

Return on Equity


Debt to Equity

Interest Coverage


Current Ratio

Quick Ratio


Days in Inventory

Fixed Asset Turnover

Total Asset Turnover

Account Receivable Days

Accounts Payable Days

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively your company is achieving key business objectives. We identify your company’s strategic, financial, and operational drivers, measure and monitor them, and visually communicate actionable insights to your team. Your data has a story to tell and we want to help tell it.

Insights vs Information

Your data contains a wealth of information. Your reports may be interesting, but not all of them are useful. We give you insights into your numbers- insights that offer meaningful, lasting value to your business. We work with most accounting and operating platforms, whether it’s Quickbooks, Excel, Sequel Database, or Google Analytics.

Business Financial Advisory

Nothing beats feeling secure about your business. Insightful will lead you through the complexities of financial reporting in a way that will make sense to you. We provide you with insights into your numbers that offer meaningful, lasting value to your business to drive better performance, higher profits, and increased cash.

Business OverWatch

Your books may be done, but are they right? Insightful brings outside impartial advisors that double-check your accounting department’s finished product for accuracy and anomalies. Insightful cares about your accounting that’s why our process ensures that transactions throughout the month are accurately represented in your financials. We’re here to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure a smooth and reconciled month-end close.

Accounting Optimization

With the right accounting systems, you can save time and money. We are certified and experienced that can help you implement the best apps for your business and even teach you how to use them effectively. Do you currently use one of these tools, but not sure what else you could be doing or if it’s even the best one? Don’t worry that’s where we come in. By integrating efficient and scalable solutions it allows you more time to focus on profits and cash.

Budgeting & Forecasting

You know you need a budget, but getting it right is hard. With our platform, we take budgeting from onerous to easy. We forecast your business’s financials to help you reduce risk and gain insight to inform better decisions so you can move forward comfortably. Our powerful, visual reports emphasize the key drivers that impact your performance allowing you to quickly know when your business is off track before it’s too late.

Cash Flow

Cash is vital to the health and survival of your business. Let us help you avoid cash flow surprises with our tools and expertise. We can predict where your money will come from and where it will go so you can manage uncertainty and reduce risk. Answer the question “What If…” by using multiple scenarios that you will see the outcomes for to confidently plan your businesses future.

Package Investment Options

We offer different packages to simplify complexity. Mix and match our different services to focus on the most urgent needs of your business. Not sure what you want? We can help with that too.

Package Investment Options

Launch Pad

Lift Off

Blast Off


Top 15 Ratios

+Monthly Report Package

+Tailored Insights From Our Team

+Benchmark Data to Compare Your Results Against Your Peers  

Cash Flow

Monthly Reporting

+3-month Forecast

Bi-weekly Reporting

+ 3-month Forecast

Weekly Reporting  

+13-week Forecast

Financial Results

Monthly Financials Review

+Action Plan

Monthly Financial
+Operational Data to Tie Action to Results

Financial & Operational Results on Weekly or Bi-weekly Schedule


Develop and Report Financial KPIs Monthly

Monthly Reporting

+Operational KPIs

Financial & Operational KPIs on Weekly or Bi-weekly Schedule

Budgeting & Forecasting

Yearly Budget Development

Yearly & Quarterly Budgets

+Forecast Updates

Monthly Budgets

+Multiple Forecast Scenarios

Accounting Optimization

Implement Bill Payment Platform

Implement Expense Reimbursement

+Payroll/ HR Platform

Conversion to Cloud-Based Accounting 

+Implementation of Automation Apps

Business OverWatch

Quarterly Oversight of Accounting Records

Monthly Oversight of Accounting 

+Advice on Transaction Entry

Monthly Oversight 

+Account Reconciliations for Added Internal Control

Monthly Meetings as a Service (MMaaS)

We have all sat through less than exciting financial reporting meetings. Whether it’s going through mountains of paper, needing a missing key analysis, trying to get everyone looking at the same page and result, or just droning monotony, these are not engaging get-togethers.

Our cloud-based dashboards and collaboration tools, along with best practice facilitation, make reviewing financial results efficient and effective, keeping everyone focused on the meaning behind the results. We wrap it all up with a summary report and action plan for the next 30 days.

Accounting Technology and Process Upgrades

We help transition your accounting department to amazing technologies, automation, and business intelligence opportunities. Realize the benefit of today’s paradigm shift from manual accounting processes and two-dimensional business reporting to full automation and real time, key three-dimensional business intelligence.

We are specialists in all things QuickBooks, including migration from desktop to online. We continuously evaluate apps that attach to QuickBooks, allowing more flexibility in your operations and team. We also advise on migrating to other platforms as well, depending upon the business needs.

Strategic Finance (CFO) Services

Accounting summarizes the past — Strategic Finance frames those results in the context of what the future holds. Our Fractional CFO services provide deep analysis of results, scenario analysis for the future, and risk analysis to protect your business.  

We partner with you throughout the month to achieve growth, optimize strategy, and increase the value of your business.


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