40% of YOur Business Is Not Profitable!


Do You Know Which Segments Are

Hurting Your Profitability?

Your Supply Chain Is Killing Your Profitability


Your suppliers have passed more than their share of price increases your way.  Do you know how much you are paying for raw materials?

Your Customers Love You!



Should you love them back? Not all customers are created equal.  Do you know which customers are profitable?

Your Sales Team Had Their Best Year Ever!


Why doesn’t your bottom line reflect that success?

Insightful Partners Can Help You Find The Hidden Profits In Your Business

Our approach to each client engagement is focused on leveraging your financial data to deliver you actionable insights, giving you the confidence to act through more informed business decisions.

Here’s How

Gather & Analyze Your Data At The Transactional Level

Analyzing your data at a deeper level allows us to better analyze the areas of your business that are generating positive margin and those that may be leading to negative profitability.

Draw Insights To Identify Areas Of Opportunity For Improvement

We deliver actionable insights that enable you to quickly address the areas of opportunity

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Let The Data Drive Prioritization

The data will tell you where the opportunity to make the biggest impact will be.  Start there.

Start Small But Get Started

Don’t try to boil the ocean.  Make small changes to get started and as you see the impact the momentum will carry you.

Be A Change Agent

Change can be hard.  Put in the work to make sure your organization can make the changes necessary to improve profitability where needed.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

We knew we had segments in our business where we had opportunities to dramatically improve our gross margins. Insightful Partners helped us analyze our data in a different way.  We found 20% improvement in our gross margins!
Lisa Rojano

President, Angies Wholesale

Find The Profits Hiding In Your Business Today

Trust your data and make faster, more informed decisions that lead to better business results.